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Tech-driven businesses are faced with a unique set of challenges, while often navigating unchartered waters to bring never-before-seen products and solutions to market. Ethiqs was founded with the simple purpose of making specialist legal advice accessible to these companies and support them in all stages of their journey. We understand that technology is ever evolving and clients' needs can develop rapidly, requiring a fresh approach to legal solutions in this space.


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Our Team

Vicky Grobbelaar


Commercial, IT & Technology

Vicky Grobbelaar

Vicky founded Ethiqs, recognising the need for quality, specialist legal support in the tech industry. She is passionate about practical legal solutions that make business sense to her customers. She is also a mum and wife and loves travelling.

Specialities: IT; Technology; Commercial law; EMEA experience
Favourite app: Audible
Personal Motto: Just do it
What her clients say: Vicky has a refreshing ability to bring law to the technology space
Languages: English, Afrikaans, Some German

Samantha Potgieter

Corporate and Commercial

Samantha Potgieter

Samantha has worked with a number of large blue chip corporates. With a broad overview of general and commercial law in these diverse industries, she enjoys helping Tech start-ups grow their businesses.

Specialities: General Corporate and Commercial Law
Personal Motto: The grass is green where you water it
What her Clients say: Samantha is a highly competent commercial lawyer.
Languages: English and Afrikaans

Amanda Williams

Data Protection

Amanda Williams

Amanda is a hybrid Data Protection and Marketing specialist. She spent 20 years working in the Pharmaceutical Industry before moving to Cornwall. She enjoys using her creativity and knowledge of Data Protection to find workable solutions for organisations.

Skills: Data Protection, Privacy, Content creation
Favourite gadget: Iphone
Favourite app: Instagram
Sport: Tennis and Spinning
Personal Motto: Be kind and have fun
Favourite Film: Oh Brother Where Art Thou

Suze Phillips

Data Protection

Suze Phillips

Suze is a Data Protection and PECR specialist with a strong background in Risk Management, Information Security (ISO27K / GRC) and 3rd Party Vendor Management. She uses these skills to support organisations with pragmatic and appropriate solutions to the challenges they face.

Skills: Data Protection, PECR, Information Security, Risk Management, ITIL
Favourite gadget: Blue Yeti Mic
Favourite app: Netflix
Hobby: Avid Beekeeper
Personal Motto: "Personal Motto: Life is too short to not have fun"
Favourite Music: Hard Rock - or Folk!

Gerhard Sommer



Gerhard Sommer

Gerhard has extensive experience in marketing and business development. He brings a wealth of knowledge gained over a period of 50 years across several industries.

Specialities: Marketing, sales and business development
Favourite gadget: My iPhone
Favourite app: PictureThis
Personal Motto: Of course I can
Languages: English, Afrikaans, German
Hobbies: Gardening, Woodwork

Mandy Busuttil

Executive Assistant

Mandy Busuttil

Studied Assistant Accounting and has an Executive Assistant Certification. Joined the Ethiqs team in 2019. She is also a mum, wife, gogo (granny for those who need to know) and loves travelling and reading.

Skills: Bookkeeping, Executive Administrative Assistance, Office Management
What her clients say: Alongside Mandy's personality, she brings her energy and 'make it work' attitude
Personal Motto: 'If I don't know how, I will find out how'
Languages: English, Afrikaans

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Our Process

Ethiqs is committed to providing our clients with accessible, transparent and affordable legal services and this starts all the way from the initial consultation.

Whether you're a new client or existing client, we're always delighted to meet. Click here a to book a consultation. The first 15 minutes are always free and then the cost is £149 per hour (deductible from your first invoice).

Ethiqs helps you to budget for your spend by offering fixed quotes where possible and comprehensive hourly rate estimates.

Ethiqs is a fully digital practice. Your quote and terms of engagement will be emailed to you with a link to accept. Once you've reviewed and accepted our terms, quote and we've received your 50% deposit, we're ready to start working.

In order to better understand your needs, we have tailored questionnaires that are easy to complete - even on your mobile. These questionnaires give us the information we need to get your work completed faster, saving you time and money.

Ethiqs is a virtual practice that embraces technology and remote work. All drafted documents are shared electronically. We use advanced electronic signature technology to enable flexible contracting workflows. Contact us to find out more about how we can modernise your legal function.


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Ethiqs is committed to providing our clients with accessible, transparent and affordable legal services and this starts all the way from the initial consultation.