Three Great Tools for Electronic Signatures

The last few years has seen a rise in the way we do business digitally. This means using online tools to complete tasks that we used to do in-person, from digital whiteboards to electronic signatures. Making sure the latest versions of your business' legal agreements are signed by everyone is crucial in protecting your business.

Electronic Signatures are Quicker and more Efficient

Electronic signature software isn't just about lessening your environmental impact or maintaining social distance right now; it also helps get documents signed far quicker, which keeps your business moving forward.

We look at our top tools to get you started as well as a few data protection considerations for you at the end of the blog.

Here are three great tools for electronic signatures

Adobe Sign

Part of the Adobe suite, Adobe sign claims to "deliver the best possible document signing experience.".

You can trial it free for 14 days, and their basic packages start at £10.42 pm which includes features we use all the time like automatic notifications and reminders on documents and commenting on PDFs.

It integrates with Microsoft 365, Salesforce and more.

Best tools 2


If Gmail and Google Drive are your platforms of choice, Dochub is a great tool to sign PDF documents online as well as request signatures.

Their free plan includes:

  • 2,000 documents
  • 5 e-signatures per month
  • 3 Sign Requests
  • and more!

To connect DocHub to your Google Drive follow these instructions and the next time someone sends you an agreement via Gmail or Google Drive you'll be able to sign your document in a matter of minutes.

Best tools 3


DocuSign has a wide range of products that essentially act as a suite of products to automate your entire agreement process from e-signatures to contract analysis using AI.

If contracts are a big part of our business, this is definitely a tool worth looking into, but if you need something a little simpler they've got you covered too!

DocuSign Free Edition lets you sign as many documents as you want as well as access all of your signed documents from DocuSign's secure cloud storage.

Best tools 4

What about Data Protection?

As with any third party supplier you, as the Data Controller, should understand how each supplier is processing and storing any personal data you transfer to them.  This may mean:

  • Finding out which country personal data is stored in. This is important, as some territories need safeguards such as Standard Contractual Clauses.
  • Making sure you have a Data Processing Agreement: In all likelihood, this will be supplied by the organisation as they are operating at scale.  Make sure you have identified it, stored it and signed if necessary.
  • Ensure you are happy with your chosen suppliers 'technical and organisation' measures.  This means reviewing their approach to IT security as well as other ways they may process personal data. 
  • Review your suppliers privacy notice to ensure they are processing any personal data in a compliant manner.

Once you've chosen a provider you'll not only save time and money (always a win in our eyes!), but you'll be making sure everyone you work with from suppliers to customers will have a great experience — keeping them coming back for more!

If you need more advice about data protection or any other legal issues, you can book a free 15 minute consultation here.

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